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the STORY behind

It all started with a girl who just loves bralettes. She can’t have enough bralettes and it is her dream to share this addiction. She is surrounded by the right people who are helping her when needed. And voila this label was created.

This girl is called Meia Linde. She is that type of girl who wakes up on a sunday morning with a thousand ideas. She is convinced that everyone will be feeling more confident by wearing nice underwear. It is the beginning of your outfit, the first piece of clothing you are putting on in the morning. This must be something super pretty and comfy.


The standard bra is history. The natural female shape doesn't have to be hidden. Bralettes are super comfortable because they are following the natural female shapes and the lacy details are making the LEV bralettes amazing.


Every piece is hand made. The fabric we are working with has got multiple quality marks. We use cotton, polyester and stretching materials to make the perfect fitting underwear. We used a lot of black in our collection. Black is a safe color which we combined with a touch of silver, red and green.

Never underestimate the power of good underwear on a bad day. Just make a good day of everyday by wearing beautiful underwear.




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